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Adventure Escape Mysteries is a collection of mystery games created by Haiku games. Each individual 'episode' within the Adventure Escape Mysteries app is a complete game with its own storyline and unique sets of puzzles. 

Picture Perfect is an installment in the Detective Kate Grey franchise, featuring the return of a lot of popular characters as well as a host of new ones. The game is divided into 8 chapters - each of which corresponds to a different level. It is a murder mystery set in and around the wedding of a pair of Social Media influencers.


My Involvement -
Game Designer


I designed level sections and puzzles, wrote game design documentation for engineering, and art specs for artists detailing our intended aesthetic. I also wrote dialogue, item descriptions, and helped modify the pre-existing narrative to be more dramatic and have better cohesion between successive chapters. I also fleshed out the characteristics of several characters to add depth to the story.

I designed roughly a third of all puzzles in Picture Perfect and wrote a third of all dialogue. The puzzle I was most proud of was the game's penultimate challenge - the ghost leg chase. At the climax of the story our protagonists have to corner the murderer who is attempting to make an escape through rooftops and office buildings. I wanted to make something that, unlike most other puzzles in our game, worked in real time while still retaining our core puzzle design philosophy.  I decided to make a variant of the ghost leg puzzle and frame it as the two detectives blocking off exits. The gif below shows the resultant puzzle.



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