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Dragon A Roll is a four-player, cooperative dice game where players attempt to defeat a powerful, three-headed dragon. Choose from a roster of four unique classes: the valiant Tank, always there to take a hit for his friends, the compassionate Cleric, ready to dispense healing amongst the injured, the mighty Knight with his  sword striking true, and the mysterious Mage baring more than one trick up his sleeves. Fight on in the face of ever growing Dragon Rage, but be warned - the winds of chance are fickle indeed!

Chao Jin


Chao came up with a lot of our initial prototypes and eventually helped steer us towards our final direction


Paolo helped with the general design of the game, and helped play-test the many,many iterations we conceptualized.

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My Involvement -


I conceptualized the thematic wrapper for the game, and designed mechanics to fit that theme.

Zhuoyang Liu

Lead Artist

Yang was solely responsible for the visual design of the game and created every art asset

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