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Ego Boost


Sometimes, the greatest foe a man can face is himself.  Going to the extreme end of that line of thought, Ego Boost  puts you up against an unending horde of your own clones, everyone of them seeking your graphically bloody end. Armed with your gun and a whole plethora of emotion-based super powers, you must battle to survive for as long as possible.


Smash through them with the power of Rage, freeze them in place with the power of Fear, scatter them apart with Hysteric finesse and teleport-spam them to oblivion to satiate your Pride.



W - Move up

A - Move Left

S - Move down

D - Move Right


Q - Ability 2

E - Ability 1


Left Click - Shoot

Right Click - Melee


1-6 - Switch Emotion


The Lead Programmer of  Ego Boost, Kristian Skistad worked on every single core mechanic of the game,  coded the in every single ability and designed the AI.


Check out his other titles on his web page.


Nolan worked with Jared and Luke to create an extremely immersive score for the game. Check it out on his official Soundcloud page.

Christian Ries

Quality Assurance

Christian kept the team morale up throughout our 48 hours of crunch time and was one of our primary testers throughout the development process.

Luke Grady

Audio Producer

Luke worked with Jared and Nolan to create an extremely immersive score for the game.

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Phillip Seaman


Phillip helped create several art assets that we put in the game.

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My Involvement -
Project Manager/Level Designer


I set the individual tasks to each team member, maintained the 'To-do' list, prioritized assets and kept the entire team on the tight schedule. Additionally, I also helped design the level layout and helped conceptualize some of the main abilities.

Awards Won


DSU Game Jam 2014 -

Best Gameplay


DSU Game Jam 2014 -

Best Soundtrack

Christopher Leonhardt

Art Director

Chris was one of the main artists working on the game. He designed the background, main character and the tileset.

Jared Mills


Jared worked with Nolan and Luke to create an extremely immersive score for the game.

Reed Norstrom


Reed helped Kristian out with a lot of the coding and offered his expertise in designing the level.

Paula Rodriguez


Paula helped conceptualize the main character and helped out with a lot of the art assets.

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Warren Wegenke

User Interface design

Warren helped out with a wide variety of tasks, including designing the interface, drawing out some of the logo art assets and even helping out with the level design whenever needed.

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