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In a post apocalyptic world, gripped by an unending winter and plagued by insanity, keep your survivors alive against all odds. Scavenge across the frozen wastelands looking for supplies and others to join your cause. But as the temperature plummets and resources run thin, sacrifices will have to be made.


Is the frozen hell around you merely the result of nuclear warfare or are you living through the ancient Norse prophecy of FIMBULWINTER?

Not released yet

Kristian Skistad

Programmer/Project lead

Lead Programmer. Built the algorithms responsible for procedural generation in game.

Nicholas Brosz


Pathfinding and additional database programming

Nathan Golen


Camera Control.

Jared Mills

Sound Designer

Created musical scores and sound effects for the game.

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My Involvement -
Narrative/Project Manager


Aside from helping conceptualize core mechanics and game feel. I also wrote up the backstory and lore based on research done on classical Norse myths.

Not released yet

Chris Leonhardt


Created 3D models. Conceptualized overall art style. 

Andrew Eppe


Created 2D game assets and tilesets.

Keegan Soder


Concept Art and advertising material

Jesse Fortune


Helped research Norse lore

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