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Initially conceptualized as a textless narrative exploration of Non-Western themes, Qixi evolved into a two-player platformer that gave both players equal agency in traversing the map.


Fundamentally, the initial idea seed revolved around conveying the equality of a healthy relationship through immergence. 


The key mechanic was reversing gravity similar to what was done in VVVVVV. Unlike VVVVVV, the game requires both players co-operating to engage the gravity shift and can be done at any point in time, regardless of whether or not the players are airborne.



WASD / Right Analogue stick: Horizontal Movement

Shift Key/ Y on controller: initiate Gravity switch


When both players are hodling down the gravity switch button the gravity inverts. Both players have to 

release the button to return to their original orientations




Gordon Lee

Main Coder/ Character Artist/ Animator

Gordon coded most of the core functionalities of the system including the basic movement of the two characters as well as dual controller support. He also designed the main characters and animated them

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My Involvement - Narrative/Coding/ Environmental Artist

Aside from helping coneptualize the primary narrative, I also coded a good number of mechanics in both the prototype and production stage. I also produced pieces of envrionmental arwork.

Robert J Rappoport

Level Design/Narrative

Rober designed all of the levels, including the puzzles found in the levels, and helped forge the overarching narrative of the setting..

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