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Play as a Buddhist monk taking a rather unorthodox approach to enlightenment. Before you lies a gauntlet, not made solely for human usage. To overcome it, one must let go of their humanity to embrace their inner beasts. Let go of your life as a human and reincarnate as one of several animals, each with its own mechanic and gameplay feature in this sidescrolling platform where death is a core feature. The level evolves and changes around your answers to the reflective questions at the start of the game.



A, D - Movement
Spacebar - Jump

1-4 - Switch animal forms

Kristian Skistad

Lead Programmer/Project Manager

Kristian was the primary programmer of the group. He coded and designed basic navigation, the respawn system and the reincarnation mechanics

Nolan Hansen

Audio Director

Nolan did the main audio track for the game.

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Debbie Gregg

Environmental Art

Debbie decided on the primary aesthetics of the level and drew the level background, among other art assets. She also designed the User Interface

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Paula Rodriguez


Paula was one of our artists and animators.

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Warren Wegenke


Warren was one of our programmers and built several levels.

Tiffany Sommer

Sound Editor/Narrative

Tiffany helped edit some sound effects and assistend in researching the background lore

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My Involvement -
Project Lead/Narrative Designer


I conceptualized the game's core mechanic, decided on the overall feel and built the world. 

Global Game Jam 2015 DSU - Third Place, Best Overall

Second Place, Best Narrative


Third Place, Best Mechanics

Third Place, Best Visuals




Chris Leonhardt

Art Director/Project Manager

Chris coordinated our art team, assigned art based tasks and communicated with the rest of the team to ensure that our visuals were consistent with the feel of the game

Reed Norstrom

Programmer/Level Designer

Reed was one of our programmers and designed several level module. He also coded the UI

Tyler Tobeck


Tyler was one of our artists and animators.

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Vinh Nguyen


Vinh composed the track for the main menu and title screens

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Gary Utecht

Quality Assurance/Animator

Gary was our playtester and did some animating.

Dillan Schmidt


Dillan helped animate some of the sprites

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Cody Engesser


Cody drew some menu asset

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