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The Heap


Play as a rejected video game character fighting to earn his place in the next Triple A title by battling through several different video game genres. Currently, the genres we have planned out for the game include Platformer, VIsual Novel,  Survival Horror and FPS. Parody, humor and comedy are the core themes of the game and we aim to have tidbits and Easter eggs that poke fun at some famous video games as well as the metagaming phenomenon as a whole.



( Varies between genres)

Not released yet

Matt Engesser

Project Lead/Narrative

Matt brought together the initial game idea and built levels

Kristian Skistad


Kristian programmed the basic navigation and the visual novel interface

Chris Leonhardt


Chris drew a large number of art assets for this project and animated them

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My Involvement -
Level Design /Narrative


I worked with Matt in creating most of the levels and the start screen. I also helped shape the narrative and conceptualize some mechanics. 

David Sotir

Programmer/Project Manager

David managed the team and did a lot of coding.

Gary Utecht

Quality Assurance

Gary led play testing and made several builds of the game available to the target audience to get their feedback

Ty Watkins


Ty drew several pieces of concept art for the project

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Watch this space

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Please check out our official FB page


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