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Deceive, manipulate and strategize your way to courtly prestige in Royal Menagerie, a game of hidden roles, gift giving and...woolly mammoths?


Royal Menagerie is a four player card game of hidden roles, where a gift of exotic animals can be boon or betrayal! Set in the court of 18th century South Asian nobility, players take on one of three roles - the Grand Vizier, the Loyalist and the Conspirators. Players attempt to manipulate each other’s menageries by gifting exotic animals and playing Action Cards in an intense flurry of action, treachery and unexpected twists as they try to discover each other’s roles and achieve their own covert objectives!

Benjamin Costrell


Ben worked tirelessly in ensuring the different components of the system meshed well together. He also designed the cards and set them up in a format to enable easy pritning

Hang Ruan


Hang conceptualized the initial 'gift-giving' prototype that would go on to become Royal Menagerie. He also created a good chunk of the artwork in game.


Paolo helped with the general design of the game, helped play-test the many,many iterations we conceptualized, and was responsible for a sizeable portion of the game's art.

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My Involvement -


Aside from helping with general design, I came up with the theme of the game which dictated art and modified several mechanics. I also spearheaded the efforts to take the game beyond what we'd worked on in class.

Daniel Kimsey


In the second major version of Royal Menagerie, Daniel helped rebalance the system. 

Mary Kenney


Apart from helping with  rebalancing Royal Menagerie's systems, Mary was responsible for rewriting the rules to make them easier to parse.

Taylor Cyr


Taylor helped resolve the issues with clarity from the previous version of the Royal Menagerie by modifying all art assets

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Selected for the NYU Game Center End of the Year Showcase: 2017




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