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Project |01


(May 2016)

In this survival RTS, keep your group of procedurally 
generated survivors alive for as long as possible through an endless winter. Is the frozen hell around you merely the result of nuclear warfare? Or are you
living through the ancient norse prophecy...

Project |02


Project |02 Samsara
(Global Game Jam 2015)

A platform based on Buddhist lore that revolves around reincarnating between different animals to overcome obstacles

Project |03


Project |03 The Heap
(In Progress)

Play as a Rejected Video game character who must earn his place in a video game by playing through multiple different genres.

Project |04


Project |04 Ego Boost
(Global Game Jam 2014)

You play as a man facing the greatest enemy any man can have - himself: multiple copies of himself in fact. Harness the power of your raw emotions to rip through your copies and raise your own Ego in this action-packed top down horde-mode shooter.

Project |05


Project |05 Within A Heartbeat
(Global Game Jam 2013)

One chance to save the world - one choice - choose wisely. In this narrative-driven sidescrolling platformer listen to the heartbeats of those frozen in time to unravel a mystery that doomed the world.

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